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melted frame around door window

Hello. We bought a house with a dark green door which unfortunately faces west. Yes, it is true what they say about painting a door a dark color. The door itself is fine (Stanley door) but the frame around the half moon window has cracked on the bottom and melted so now it's sloping downward...the frame, not the window. I called Stanley Door--they're out of business. I called the lumber yard, they can't help me. Can anyone out there suggest something beyond buying a new door.
Thank you for your time.

Re: melted frame around door window

The window in the door you refer to is called a door lite.

It sounds like the PVC frame has deteriorated from heat. If you have a screen door this can magnify the problem since there will be a sun room affect of trapping heat between the two doors ... especially facing west.

Typically the PVC frame is two pieces secured together by screws ... one trims the outside and the other trims the inside ... this also holds the lite in place . You may notice small plastic caps on the inside trim that covers the heads of those screws.
You could try contacting a local window / door company about replacing the trim or at least the entire lite. These should be readily available from those places. If they would sell you the trim it's easy to replace. They may end up selling a complete lite which is just as easy to replace. Some home building supply places may sell these lites as well.

Hopefully this helps.:)

Re: melted frame around door window

thank you for your quick response. I will call around and see what happens.

A. Spruce
Re: melted frame around door window

Your best luck will be at a door company. I've never seen replacement windows or trim for doors at the typical big box or supply house.

Re: melted frame around door window

I guess we're lucky ... one of the big box home supply centers up here sells them as well a couple of lumber stores.:)

Re: melted frame around door window

I have the same problem. I have already removed the doorlite trim but can not find any place that sells door lite trim only.

I live in philadelphia suburbs... do you guys know any place online/B&M that sells door lite frame...

really need to put the doorlite up..

Thanks a lot in advance.

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