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Material for flat roof

I have a 5500 sq. ft. flat roof in Santa Fe, NM. The original roofing material, foam with an elastomeric paint and pea gravel, is about 10 years old and needs replacing. My 6th contractor just left. So far, each contractor has assured me that the material he was recommending was the correct one, then the next contractor would tell me the previous recommended material was not right.
I'm trying not to remove the foam if at all possible. I've looked at TPO, PVC 50 mil single ply, more foam, EZ-Cool roof system, Heat-Weld roof systems and Super Therm. My husband is totally freaked out about all the conflicting advice we are getting from these contractors, all of whom are reputable as far as I have been able to ascertain. HELP

Re: Material for flat roof

I have been a roofing contractor for over 30 yrs, and found the right fix for these type roofs. The Kelly 2001 EQ system. You fully adhere the perimeter, flashings, the rest of roof is loose.
Strategically placed EQ valves in the loose EPDM rubber create a vacuum on the membrane-the stronger the wind, the more the vacuum, sucking the membrane tight while drying out any moisture in the foam! No tear-off! You can get a 20 yr. warranty from certified contractor. Headquarters in Waterbury, Ct.call 1-800-537-7663.
They will contact a contractor near you, or train one in your area.

Timothy Miller
Re: Material for flat roof

Wow great advise.

Remember is you remove the foam you need to consider how to replace the insulation value .... Pea gravel on elastomeric coating??????? how thick was it applied? and what is the reason all these roofers are giving for the roofs premature failure?

Re: Material for flat roof

***** broom and vacuum is best way to remove gravel, wash clean where 2001 membrane is adhered, no tear off needed for the EQ valve system which will thoroughly dry out roof on its own.

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