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Massive Bamboo Problem

I live in NJ and my neighbor behind me has tons of bamboo growing in the yard right up against the fence that devides our property. A few years ago we had someone come in and remove evrything in our yard and now it's back even worse. Is there anything I can put on it to kill it off and what is the best way to do so. I don't care if it kills off my grass or anything that is in the yard behind me cause nobody lives in the house at this moment. Please help!!

Re: Massive Bamboo Problem

I haven't had experience with this but my husband has and when I suggested using bamboo as a barrier against the neighbors leave blowing into our pool he told me only if we kept them in containers because they are so invasive.

do what you can to provide a barrier from their yard into yours. erect with ample footings or simply bury a barrier between your house and theirs. In his example they buried a metal barrier between the yards. It went down 3 feet and stuck up about 6 inches.

I kinda think it was over kill but I know a certain depth is required.

Start with digging up the invaders noting how deep the roots are then insert the barrier. For good measure you could treat the area with a broad spectrum herbicide.

Re: Massive Bamboo Problem

The herbicide works really well, we used it on some bamboo in our backyard. Also pull them from the root

Re: Massive Bamboo Problem

It's been my experience that a good concentrated amount of Round-Up works well against the bamboo buy the concentrate and mix with water to the secified amount in the Round-up label or booklet it comes with. I buy it by the 2.5 gallon concentrate. It can be pricey but works well on most plants and weeds.
And a barrier is a must if you don't want it in you're yard. I placed mine about a foot down in the ground and seems to be keeping them under control. Also, when you clean up after removing the bamboo, you must be very thorough in removing ALL of the little pieces in and on the ground. The least little bit of root left will grow into more bamboo quickly. Good Luck.


Re: Massive Bamboo Problem

I always favor a good round of napalm, myself.

I didn't know bamboo would even grow in New Jersey - that's unnatural. ... all the more reason for the napalm...
then plant with any kind of native grasses you like. :D

Re: Massive Bamboo Problem

Find out if you have any panda bears at your zoo.Pandas only eat bamboo. Take a sample and see if you can give it to them.

Re: Massive Bamboo Problem

... or maybe you can sell it to a fabric company (they have to come harvest it, though, no need to wear yourself out!), and they can turn the fibers into lovely soft towels, socks, or clothing.

Seriously, RoundUp works very well. If you don't want to use chemicals, then cutting and burning, pulling new sprouts up by the root is about the only method...

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