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Maple Tree seeds (helicopters) - excess

This fall I have bushels of Maple seeds. What gives? Usually I get lots during the summer but this year it seemed like less. Now I'm overwhelmed. My leaves are falling as normal and I rake or blow them. The maple seeds are left behind - they don't blow away easily. And...my roof is covered with them threatening to clog my gutters.

Is this a regional thing or widespread this year? I'm in lower Michigan.

Re: Maple Tree seeds (helicopters) - excess

I get all my maple helicopters in the late spring in Maryland. Only leaves starting to fall now. Seeds on other trees like mimosa are falling with the leaves right now. Later in the fall acorns and prickly sweet gum balls fall.
I cut down two large maples a few years ago and couldn't be happier about it. They were fairly close to the house and they would clog gutters and cover the deck with seeds. I have one more I would like to take down soon.
They are pretty in the fall though.

Re: Maple Tree seeds (helicopters) - excess

The color and shade they make is worth it. It's just that I've never seen so many seeds, so late in the season.

Re: Maple Tree seeds (helicopters) - excess

Wacky weather brings about disruptions in normal behavior...

I have fruit trees, and their production varies from year to year. Just go with the flow.

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