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Manufactured Home Hot Water Heater

Hello All I know I have watched TOH forever and I have never seen anything on Manufactured Homes but at this time I own one in Arizona. Recently my hot water heater went out and I went to purchases a new one. After talking to anther diy they told me make sure it is approved for a Manufactured Home. So I set out on a quest to locate one boy you want to talk about a shock try $250 more than the others (propane) for a regular house. When I started questioning why no one could tell me does anyone know the difference? Also after talking to a plumber that if I did not install an approved hot water fro a manufactured home if I had an insurance claim that the insurance company cold nullify my home owners insurance claim does anyone know about this. Any information would be helpful. I did install a hot water heater that was approved for a manufactured home. Oh yea I also discovered the hot water heater I pulled out someone did not convert it from natural gas to propane it was all soot up. The floor under the hot water heater was scorched through the linoleum boy I'm so lucky it did not burn the house down.

A. Spruce
Re: Manufactured Home Hot Water Heater

Welcome to the joys of trailer ownership.

Have you tried to refinance yet? That will be fun too, with rates twice that of standard housing. People are suckered into buying these damn things because they're "cheap". Not sure where cheap starts to kick in when it costs nearly as much to set a trailer on a property as it does to stick build. If you go to a mobile park, you pay rent on the space - even though you own the home/have a mortgage on it. Repairs are NOT cheap either, as most items are "trailer" specific, which means you pay double what you would for the standard market.

As far as the waterheater rating, yeah, anything that insurance companies can find to deny a claim, they'll do. Same thing goes for getting work done without a permit - regardless of what type of home you have.

Re: Manufactured Home Hot Water Heater

Always replace with the right part/unit to avoid costly future troubles. Like the old saying: "In the long run, cheap is more expensive"


Re: Manufactured Home Hot Water Heater

Hmmmm I didnt know there was a difference in Water Heaters from a Regular home to Manufactured/Trailer homes. Most older trailers have lowboy or slimline heaters in them.

By the way Spruceeee after the wheels are removed there not called trailers anymore.

There are mobile home parks all over Florida,the newer ones you would never know they had wheels at one time. Heck they even have attached garages.

I wouldnt want to be in one during a Hurricane......

A. Spruce
Re: Manufactured Home Hot Water Heater
Gizmo wrote:

By the way Spruceeee after the wheels are removed there not called trailers anymore.

You're right, they're called blight!

A trailer is a trailer, no matter what it's called to make it more enticing to the unsuspecting consumer.

Re: Manufactured Home Hot Water Heater

One needs to be careful while installing heaters. It is better to contact the experts and ask them to get the things done.You can also find the home improvement people through ******.

Re: Manufactured Home Hot Water Heater

I agree with Gizmo I have never heard of a gas heaters just for manufactured homes. As far as it not being converted for propane, I would be looking for the guy that installed it. That is very dangerous. Converting from Nat gas to propane on a water heater is a thing of the past. You either buy a propane heater or a Nat gas heater. I made the mistake of calling a customers home a trailer once and was corrected that it was called a double wide. I never made that mistake again. (also in Florida) They are very popular down here as we have many people living on fixed incomes. But when the hurricanes come get out.


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