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Managing Deer and Chipmunks

I live in the country so to some extent I knew what I was getting into when I moved here. I like the deer and my kids think they are great and my neighbor is too close to us to use a gun. So I am trying to figure out if it is possible to manage them. The last homeowners had a dog and I am probably about 2 years away from getting a dog to scare them off at times. As I landscape the yard is there a good source of information on what plants deer like and don't like?

Also, I have heard Deer love hostas, is it possible to stear deer away from your main landscaping by planting another lower cost food supply in another area?

Concerining chipmunks, I have not found one single solution that works, but I just notice a barred own in the area and I am planning to put up some owl boxes to see if I can get a few Barn owls to come in and lessen the chipmunk and fieldmouse population.

A. Spruce
Re: Managing Deer and Chipmunks

I can't answer your questions about plants, but I can tell you that you DO NOT want to encourage them anywhere near your property, meaning you will only draw more in by providing a food source they like. Once they decimate the preferred plants, they'll move on up into the yard that you're trying to distract them from. Now, if you were to plant those tasty things on your NEIGHBOR'S side of the fence ... ;):p:D

Re: Managing Deer and Chipmunks

There are lists of plants that deer tend not to eat and hostas are not on that list.
There are also repellants that can be sprayed on plants as well as at least one that is put in the ground that is taken up by the plant. I use a spray called Bobbex that stinks when first sprayed on, but the smell goes away quickly.
The idea is to keep the deer moving so they don't tend to hang around. If they get hungry enough in a bad winter, they will eat almost anything.
My main problem with deer is they like my tomatoes. Since I can't spray them, I've resorted to netting.
Cats will keep down the chipmunks as will an air rifle.

Re: Managing Deer and Chipmunks

Kitties love the chipmunks, until the kitties get old and lazy, but that is a good way to go.
As for deer, I can tell you that I've given up trying to manage them. Even though I live in a somewhat urban area (Rochester, NY), I live near a park that is lousy with deer, and they are always hanging around, day or night. If their population is high and they are hungry they will eat anything, and the one's around here have gotten somewhat used to humans so you have to go and yell at them to get them to leave. The dogs in the neighborhood are used to them too, so they don't bark very often. I can say we gave up on tulips; those got chomped regularly. They only bother our hostas if they are very hungry. They don't seem to want to eat day lillies or dafodils so those do well. It's eerie at night to hear them clomping down the middle of the street, searching for their favorite bush to munch on. My dad who lives nearby has tried Coyote urine with little success, but netting has kept them off of their flowers, but it doesn't look that great.

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