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Makita 18 volt LXT lithium battery problems

I've read a lot about problems with the life of these Lithium Ion batteries and would like to ask a couple questions and get some feedback: First...has anyone found out WHY these seem to suffer short lifes (many times it appears a year or less) even when used in a "Homeowner" type use pattern? I was wondering if it could have something to do with the rather "Quick" (15 minutes) charging sequence Makita uses with these and if so is there a way to charge them slower? I have several of these tools using the slim 1815 & 1830 battery packs so I'm very interested in this and sorry I didn't see more about these problems BEFORE I purchased them. DEWALT apparently has a much better track record I'm reading. I also keep my tools and batteries in my garage and have wondered whether the cooler temps (40 degrees is lowest temp they would experiance) are bad for the batteries when considering charging and storage... so if anyone knows the answers to these questions or has other info/advice about it...I would greatly appreciate the feedback. Many thanks in advance!

Re: Makita 18 volt LXT lithium battery problems

From what I understand part of the problem is many times the batteries maybe stored discharged when it's recommended they should have around 40% charge.
Like all types of batteries they will suffer from deterioration as they age.
If they are stored in a cooler envioroment this helps to slow the deterioration from age.

Re: Makita 18 volt LXT lithium battery problems

I have a Dewalt and went through 2 batteries in a year with daily use. The batteries are huge money so went on Ebay and got a Brand new 14.4 volt Drill and two new Batteries for less that the cost of two batteries at Home Depot. I thought the Makita had a charger that shut off as soon as the battery was charged, this is supposed to stop damage to the battery by overheat. I am not Advertising for Ebay or Lowes, just stating fact. Good Luck!!! :)

Re: Makita 18 volt LXT lithium battery problems

I found this site very informative and again I'm wonndering (after raeding the article) if the rather quick charging of these battery packs might very well lead to thier short life and I wonder if Makita thought about this when designing this charger...obviously selling replacement batteries is good for their business :rolleyes: but not for us using and replacing them....go figure. The older Ni-cads as far as I know did not suffer from this and last much longer.I wonder what the charging rate was for those. The Lith-Ions need to stay charged, prefer not totally being dis-charged AND need to be charged SLOWLY it appears, to get the best life. Thanks to all that commented and I look forward to reading more about this.

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