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chris in ww
Making walls meet

I'm enlarging an bathroom in a 1940's add on. The exterior wall of the bath is standard 2 x4 with wood siding and fairly recent blown in cellulose insulation. I'm removing an exterior door in that wall and framing it in with 2 x6. I intend to match up the facing of the wall by adding 2 x2's to the old wall then dry walling the whole thing. There will be no plumbing in that wall. I probably will use fiberglass batts in the new section but I was wondering if I should fill the new smaller voids with something, perhaps rigid foam or such. Any thoughts?

Re: Making walls meet

Make sure your numbers add up.

Adding 2x2 to a 2x4 wall, will give you 5", while a 2x6 wall is 5-1/2".

Do you see my point?

chris in ww
Re: Making walls meet

i probably should have been more clear. I didn't plan to remove the interior sheetrock but intend to nail or screw the 2 x 2's through the wall into the existing studs.

Re: Making walls meet

If the 2x4's are from the 40's, then adding modern 2x2's to it would make it 5.25". The finished sizes have been shrinking.

I would frame it with 2x4's instead of 2x6's. Then if you want to add more insulation, add 4x8 foam boards, but take down the sheet rock or lath and plaster first. The foam boards will cut down the conduction from the studs and the heat loss from the lateral conduction of the sheet rock to the studs. You can tape the seams of the foam boards to make a vapor barrier.

Be sure to glue (construction adhesive) the foam boards to the studs and glue the sheetrock to the studs if you use 2" thick foam boards, even with long screws, the sheet rock will not have much mechanical connection to the studs.

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