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Making Screens

I am screening in our old carport. All the framing is complete and I am ready to make screens to fit. It is a relatively rustic home, so I want to make wood frame screens to fit into the frames openings.

Can you give me some suggestions on this?

A. Spruce
Re: Making Screens

Frames are not difficult to make, the problem lies in the expansion, contraction, and moisture level of the wood. Those three forces work the screen loose from the groove. The screen, in turn, wears the groove larger and so the screen doesn't stay put after about a year or two. I had relative success with pine screen doors by installing hard wood strips on either side of the groove that wouldn't wear as quickly or easily as the softer pine. It worked, however I don't know what the long term results were. Two things that come to mind as better, more permanent fixes would be to cut the groove with a bit of an inverted "V" shape to it This would allow you to press the screen through a narrow opening and then live in the wider gullet of the groove. The difficulty with this would be cutting an inverted V of the right size to work well. Another option could be to use a small aluminum "U" shaped insert in the groove. One last thing might be to use metal frames that are then hidden within a more rustic wood frame.

Hope some of these ideas help. :)

Re: Making Screens

What size will these screen frames be?

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