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Making Furnace Quieter

My forced hot air furnace is directly next to my home theater room and it is behind louvered doors (for airflow), so it can get pretty loud when it turns on it. I’m looking for some fairly cheap/easy ideas to minimize noise.

I’m not an HVAC expert, so I don’t want to take anything apart.

My blower fan is currently set to the Medium-High setting on scale that goes High, Medium-High, Medium, Low. I was thinking about lowering the fan to Medium to reduce the air velocity, which I assume would reduce noise.

Also, the main duct work coming off of the furnace is just sheet metal with zero insulation on it. I don’t want to do anything like opening it up or changing it, but I was thinking about buying something like Roxul Enerwrap to wrap around the main ducts. Would that be a good idea?

Re: Making Furnace Quieter

Did you get your blower going?

Furnace makers offer quiet furnaces, with more insulation. I just installed a Rheem super quiet furnace a week ago. The cost was higher than the super saver unit though.

Re: Making Furnace Quieter

I picked up the new circuit board, but I haven't gotten home yet to install it.

Now that I've done some reading and learning about the furnace, I'm interested in taking some steps to quiet it down. Nothing drastic, but just some quick and cheap things if any will make a difference.

Re: Making Furnace Quieter

Is the louvered door for combustion air or is the return air through the door too.
If the former maybe you can run a duct to a more remote location and put solid core doors on with gasketing and insulate the walls of the enclosure.
If the latter, maybe a similar thing could be done. Even if a return was placed on the side, sound deaedening insulation could be placed in the duct.
If done, be sure enough air is provided for combustion or return air.

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