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Re: Make your Home More Energy Efficient
keith3267 wrote:

If you replace your water heater with one of the heat pump types, or add the heat pump aux unit, then it helps cool your house while heating the water.

Oh yeah, I've seen one of those, those are REALLY nice... but they are SUPER expensive.

I paid ~$160 for my water heater replacement about ~5 years ago. It's a Whirlpool... one of the computer controlled ones. It actually saved money over the one that I had before that basically dumped it's contents all over the inside of my house.

When this one goes out, I may go that direction.

Re: Make your Home More Energy Efficient

A heat pump water heater will not have a net effect on the temperature in a common area anymore than the refrigerator in your kitchen. They both transfer heat from one area to another, but within a common area. In the case of the frig, the heat given off in the kitchen is just the same as the cool inside the frig and is a zero gain in the room altogether.

The water heater heat pump is imparting no net gain in the garage either, although it is sending some heat into the house as hot water. If you could divert the cool air coming off the unit into the house living area, then yes, it would cool the house interior.

Whole house air conditioning units are taking heat from the house interior and distributing it outside the house. Two different areas!

Re: Make your Home More Energy Efficient

Good thinking.

Re: Make your Home More Energy Efficient

Ordjen, you're right save for one thing- mechanical and electrical losses. An entirely enclosed system like a fridge would balance out otherwise, but friction in the compressor and motor and resistance heating in the motor coils actually creates more heat than cool, so with an enclosed unit you're warming that area. The higher the unit's efficiency the less heat you'll get but you will get heat until they figure out a way to make these at least 100% energy efficient.

Just 'picking nits' here as it might take lab-grade instruments to detect the difference but it is there.


Re: Make your Home More Energy Efficient


You are probably right about additional heat being generated from the motors operation. However, the heat being transferred from the coils inside the fridge will be the same as that being dissipated from the coils under the fridge. I don't know how long a several hundred watt motor runs during the day and how much heat it generates by friction and electrical resistance.

In any event, such discussions are interesting intellectual exercises. I also don't which is more produced, heat or light! :)

Re: Make your Home More Energy Efficient

I totally agree with you.


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