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Major Renovations


We need to have major renovations done to our 1960's "turned" Dutch Colonial. In what order should the renovation be completed. We need a roof, gutters, windows, siding, and doors (sliders, front entrance and garage). What type of materials should be used especially for the siding and what grade of other materials would be best.

If possible, could you please give me some guidelines with regard to what we should expect to pay. I know it depends upon the size of the house but just a figure to use as a guideline. The interior of the house is approx. 3200 sq.ft.

We will be needing to sell this home within the next 5-10 years. What route should we take and where is the best place to spend our money.

Please feel free to add anything that I may have forgotten. Thank you for any assistance you may offer.

Re: Major Renovations

Hi, You need to make a choice, are you trying to improve the house or just make the house look better so you can sell it? Thanks

Re: Major Renovations

Generally we start with the roof to keep the place dry.

Once the roof is finished the shell of the house is next.Usually its easier to replace the winders and doors before the siding is repaired.

As far as the grade- dunno. How much do you want to spend? Will the better materials increase the value of the home?

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Re: Major Renovations

pricing is next to impossible, even a ballpark, without seeing the house and the condition of it. there are many many variables to take into consideration which have nothing to do with the work you want done that can affect the cost of the job. i would recommend coming up with a list of what you want to do, what products you want installed on the house, siding, windows, insulation, tyvek, wood trim or PVC, etc. make a list and give the specifics to 3 contractors and get 3 estimates....MAKE SURE YOU CHECK REFERENCES.

once you decide what you want done and have some idea of how much i will cost, i would recommend contacting a local real estate agent, tell them your plan and they can tell you if you'll recoup the cost of the work should you decide to sell the house. if it's a break even or if you'll get more than your investment back, i would recommend doing what you stated above. if it's less than a break even then i would leave the exterior as is.

Re: Major Renovations

Personally I would start with a roof, if needed fix the fascia board and put on alluminum fascia boxes for the corners and the soffit. Next, I would go to new construction windows and doors since they have j channel around them rather than a replacement window. Then I would go with the siding, I wouldn't choose a high end brand not worth the cost if you aren't going to be there longer than 10 years. Last I would have someone put in seamless gutters and downspouts.
Cost is difficult to figure but I know that when I did my roof and siding the roof cost 78 per square and the siding was 85 per square but that was two years ago. Doors and windows not sure due to size differences. Hope this helps.

Re: Major Renovations

If there is any visible aging to the roof, that is always the best place to start- it is what protects everything underneath. Doors and windows next, then siding and the rest. You do need to decide whether you are going to get your investment back on sale for whatever you do.

The biggest mistake most people make is going too far fixing things up then losing it when they can't recoup their costs at closing. Since you know you're going to sell, look at all costs with a very critical eye and design all the work so that it will have the widest market appeal when finished, even if you would like something different. If you use the cheapest materials it will look cheap, but that's better than looking bad and it may not pay to use something better if it costs a lot more. Go with traditional designs and neutral colors, not the latest trends which will look out-of-date 5 years from now. Make friends with a busy realtor in your area for more specific advice on what will sell best and what isn't worth doing- they should know the market you're in and can help you get the most for the least.


Re: Major Renovations
Mastercarpentry wrote:

Make friends with a busy realtor in your area for more specific advice on what will sell best and what isn't worth doing- they should know the market you're in and can help you get the most for the least.


Fantastic advice. Said realtor can also refer a contractor or two. That is ONE of my sources for contractors to use when looking to get work done. Other sources are neighbors and the interwebs.

Re: Major Renovations

All good answers.

Quote: "What route should we take and where is the best place to spend our money"

After you finish the essentials - roofing , windows, doors, exterior - concentrate on appearance, since you intend to sell the house in 5-10 years. Curb appeal (landscape) will attract new buyers, remodeled kitchen and baths will bring in offers.

Then again, it depends on your budget, area home values and prices, buyers' preferences, and so on. With a house this size, prepare to spend more than the average remodel.

My experience: perfectly finished homes sell faster and fetch more money. Fixer uppers always bring low ball offers.

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