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main sewer line buildup/blockage

We live in an older home and had the sewer line replaced about 18 years ago. In the last 3 years water backs up and goes down at an extremely slow rate. We rented an auger the first two times and got it flowing again, but the last time we had to call a plumber in. He told my husband the pipe has a turn in it from the house to the main and that two ply toilet tissue is building up and blocking the line. My question is, is there something we can pour down the drains that will break down the materials or are we going to have to have a plumber snake the main drain every year and a half or two years?

Re: main sewer line buildup/blockage

If the line has worked fine for 18 years and has just started causing problems. You may have a broken pipe that is allowing roots to enter the line. I would suggest you get the line looked at with a camera to see what and were the problem is.


Re: main sewer line buildup/blockage

Toilet tissue is designed to break down in water. Napkins and paper towels are not.
In any rate, a cam inspection can tell you the story with your line.

Re: main sewer line buildup/blockage

I would not recommend putting any thing down the drain. I agree with dj1, it is likely a broken pipe with tree roots growing into it. Time to call the plumber.

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