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Re: Main Circuit Breaker Voltage Reading

PROBLEM SOLVED!!! DJOHNS, Again thanks for your help. You hit it on the nose that it was a Power Company problem. I wasn't home when they came to fix it, and they didn't leave me an explanation as to what was wrong. I did however see that they replaced some connections. I am attaching a photo of the old connections I found laying on the ground and a picture of where they did the replacement with these little black boxes. Thanks to all who provided feedback.

Re: Main Circuit Breaker Voltage Reading

Interesting stuff.

I have done many a service change and when we were finished I would tie the service conductors back into the utility drop with split bolt connectors. However that was not the end of it. After inspection I’d call the utility company with a closed loop request. They then would come out and replace my splices with high compression, insulated crimp sleeves and put a seal on the meter, leaving my split bolts on top of the meter for me to pick up later.

Looks to me like the connectors in the right photo that they gunned off and left were never utility company connections…….. The tape job on them is atrocious.

Kinda makes me wonder how that could have happened…….. Brother-in-Law Electric maybe? :D ;)

Re: Main Circuit Breaker Voltage Reading

Thanks for the follow up report . :D

Re: Main Circuit Breaker Voltage Reading

Call the power company. It sounds like you have a loose connection (bug - a wire clamp) it is probibly at the connection just before it comes into your house. If it has been windy in your area and the lights flicker with the wind, it is a loose bug. Some power companies use aluminum wire from the pole to the house and copper in the pipe to the meter and breaker box. the wire clamps (bugs) get loose with time and as the aluminum wire corrodes. The lineman/trouble shooter will clean the connection and put some AL-CU compound on the wire put the bug back on and seal it.

Re: Main Circuit Breaker Voltage Reading

Good call DJohns!!!!! You Da Man. My Dad Had the same thing happen to him. I talked him through it on the phone.

Re: Main Circuit Breaker Voltage Reading

Thank you , kind sir . :D


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