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Mahogany Desk Water Stains

I just bought a stripped antique mahogany desk from craigslist. The sides of the desk have dark rings where it got wet in the garage it was kept in for years.

These are not white rings in a varnish or finish. It appears more that it was first stripped, then the water caused some of the stain to come out and form a dark ring where it got wet(?).

I tried rubbing it with denatured alcohol but it is still there. Thought I would ask for any other thoughts before I reapplied some stripper to the desk.

Thanks. Sean.

Re: Mahogany Desk Water Stains


I doubt you will get those stains out with paint stripper. It sounds like they are deep into the grain of the wood. After removing any finish that remains, I would try a wood bleach. A good paint store or woodworkers store should have it. Most use oxalic acid to bleach out the stain.
If the wood is solid and not veneer, you might be able to sand some of the stain out, but such stains usually go fairly deep into the grain.

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