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Lumpy yard what is the best way to fix it

Hello everyone. I moved into my home last summer. We had 2 enormous trees in the yard which blocked any sun light from getting down to the yard. With this happening the yard was basically just moss and very little grass. Now this season i want to repair the yard i am already getting patches of grass but the yard is very uneven. It has many little "lumps" which are 1"-3" higher then some other parts. So my question is what would be the best way to take care of this? I want to level the yard and get some nice grass. I was thinking of renting a rototiller and tilling the entire yard. would this be a good idea? do i have to remove the patches of grass that are there first? I figured that i should start this process soon since the warm weather is coming

Re: Lumpy yard what is the best way to fix it

I have the same problem. I'm tempted to purchase a roller and roll it when the ground if damp and soft see if that works. But I've also heard those are bad because they can compact the soil as well.

My issue was mostly caused by moles. Sometimes it's frost heaves. I think I've gotten rid of the moles at least.

Re: Lumpy yard what is the best way to fix it

i have the same problem.my lawncare guy said i would have to rip it all out and start over but i don't believe him. rolled it once but that did nothing now i'm waiting for a landscape company to come out and see if they could do a top dressing everywhere and seed it to see if that works. mowing the lawn is difficult with all these bumps. i'm wondering if it is caused from insects coming up . any advice would be greatley appreciated

Re: Lumpy yard what is the best way to fix it

In my experience, you'll get the best results by ripping and cleaning everything out, rototilling, leveling, preparing for sod and sodding.

Any alternative won't give you the same satisfactory results.

Bob L.
Re: Lumpy yard what is the best way to fix it

Same problem here. I have heard that you can cut a large X into the lump, pull back the points, pull enough of the soil out so when you roll back the points it will flatten out.

Good Luck

Re: Lumpy yard what is the best way to fix it

I think you will be disappointed with rototilling. It loosens up the soil, but when the soil settles back down, it often gets lumpy again, especially if it is mostly clay soil. If you do till, till very shallow, then smooth every thing out. when it settles, you will still have lumps, but not as bad. Then you can do a shallow tilling again and repeat until you are satisfied.

If you live in a community that collects leaves and shreds and composts them, you can often get this for free. Call you local public works. Just spread this over the lawn and let the grass fill in. As the compost settles, the lumps will return, but you just keep adding the shredded leaves until you are satisfied.

Another option is to add sand. The grass will quickly grow into it and you will have a smooth lawn in no time. The sand wont settle very much so its pretty much once and done. But the sand can be costly.

Re: Lumpy yard what is the best way to fix it

1) Rent a sod cutter and remove all the sods. (makes a great compost once rotted)
2) Bring in truckloads of topsoil or garden soil and carefully fill the low spots.
2a)If necessary because of large size and bad material, York rake it to get the debris out.
3) lay new sod on the level lawn, or seed it. In the northern hemisphere we are just getting past the season where seeding or sodding is water-effective, as the summer sun will undo your efforts at irrigating. Wait 'til fall.

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