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Re: Lumber Stores Closing, Is it any wonder?
djohns wrote:

You can trace most of life's problems back to MONEY , in one way or the other . :(

You "hit the nail on the head"! Sadly, this is the only reason for all the problems we have been discussing.

Sure would be great to get back to taking pride in what you do and that it is bettering "someone else's" life.

The only negative I have ever fought with in construction has always been tight time constraints(which is usually due to missing something in the bidding process) that could lead to "cutting corners". I refuse to do it unless I am absolutely forced by my boss to do so. He has yet to force me into it. All I have to do is explain the possible outcome of cutting corners and he is quick to agree with taking the time to do it right.

Again, back to "money". It would cost much more to go back and fix where the corners were cut. I hate having to go back to a job. It doesn't cost me directly but it tells me that I didn't do something right the first time I was there. I don't like that!

Re: Lumber Stores Closing, Is it any wonder?
A. Spruce wrote:

Hopefully they'll remove it from it's current location and put it atop his shoulders where it belongs. ;)

LOL!!! Yeah, it really is difficult to see clearly from that position... hahaha!:D:D
I think what that young man's biggest problem is is his attitude, that being of a typical high school jock and believing that the world owes him every good thing, simply because he exists.
Gonna be interesting to see him after basic training...


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