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Low water pressure, have a solution, need help,advice

Have a deep water well. New 1.5hp pump installed 4 Years ago. Old pressure tank unkown age, house built in 1986.
Problem- If you take a shower and run water in sink, water runs at a low pressure with two demands. Single demand pressure ok. Solution in preparation to be implemented. I want to replace the pressure tank with a new one. Purchased new tank at Lowes. Same dementions. Want to add a whole home pressure booster pump. Purchased new pump from Harbor freight. Promises to boost my current pressure 40psi up to 65psi. Need advice on how to plumb these items. Concerns are Pressure safety valve. Might a one way valve and new home pressure booster pump plumbed after this valve down stream of the existing well pump and new pressure tank, be the answer? Help?

Re: Low water pressure, have a solution, need help,advice

Not sure of what you're trying to do. It sounds like you're going to be running two pumps on the same system. I see no reason for doing this. Your problem sounds like more of a volume problem than a pressure problem. If it is volume then the second pump will do nothing to solve it. With a little more information we may be able to help. First, what type and size pipe do you have? When using two fixtures at the same time what is the pressure gauge reading? Is it dropping below 30 PSI? If you have galvanized piping the lines may need to be replaced. It can also be a bad gate valve. To just add a second pump thinking your problems will be over will turn out to be a big waste of money. Booster pumps are used when you're on city water that has inadequate pressure.

Re: Low water pressure, have a solution, need help,advice

If increasing the pressure from 30 lbs to 60 lbs all you needed to do was increase the static pressure in the bladder tank and adjust the well pressure switch.

If volume is the problem, which is what it sounds like, increasing pressure will not help. Most likely solution would be some new plumbing.


Re: Low water pressure, have a solution, need help,advice

Your problem could be as simple as rusty clogged pipes, as mentioned before. Check your pipes first before you do anything else.

Most houses built in the mid 80s don't have galvanized pipes, but you never know.

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