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Low Water Pressure

Hi! My name is Ross and I live in a two storie finished basement home. On the first floor, we have very poor water pressure, and on the second floor very poor water pressure. I live in the city, so I am not using a well. Every time someone in my house uses water the other persons water pressure turns into quite a trickle! What could I do to improve my water pressure? what could be causing this problem?:confused:

Re: Low Water Pressure

Inadequate city water pressure, partially closed valve, under sized plumbing, or plumbing with deposit build up are a few of the possibilities.

Re: Low Water Pressure

Have you always had low water pressure? Is there a Pressure Regulator Valve installed in the water line in your house?
Check with the city and find out what the static water pressure is in the city main line so that you know how much pressure is available and then check to see what the pressure is in the house. It sounds like it may be a delivery volume problem and there can be a great number of causes - Valve partially open or plugged by deposits, PRV not operating properly or not adjusted properly, plugged screen in PRV, plugged water meter, damaged water service line, the size and length of service line could also be a factor.

Re: Low Water Pressure

And/or........clogged whole house filter or clogged water softener media (if both hot and cold are fed thru the softener).

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