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Low water level in well

How do you remove silt from the bottom of a 45 ft water well?
The water level is 3 ft 30" bored well.

Re: Low water level in well

You are going to need to pull the well and then have a well driller come out and re-drill it. Basically, you have either rock or other "crap" not allowing the water to get to the well head. The well point should be 4-6" from the bottom of the drilled part of the well hole anyway. But, all of the gravel and whatnot is getting in the way. If you look at a well point, it is just that, a point on the end of the pipe with a hard plastic cone over the end of it. If it is being clogged, you need to remove what is in the way. Re-drill. Good luck. Process of Elimination.

Re: Low water level in well

Well driller has been contacted to replace the bored well with a new drilled well. The water table is very low in North Georgia. The soil moisture at 12" has been only 15-23%.
Thanks for the info.

Re: Low water level in well

We used to clean silt out of dug wells with a trash pump. You can rent trash pumps from most tool rentals.

Re: Low water level in well

Great news from North Georgia today we drilled a new well and received a great blessing. We hit water around 150 ft then drilled to 325 ft. The driller said that the well is getting 4 gallons of water per minute. My family has been struggling with a low water well for 2 months. We now know how to conserve water next will be gas (tomorrow). The next project is to relax and watch TOH episodes and stay in the shop.

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