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Low to No hot water in upstairs bath :(

We live in a 1930 Brick Cape Cod home. The problem is in our upstairs bathroom. We have very low hot water pressure (like not much more than a trickle). The pressure is so bad that we've had to turn the hot water temp on our heater up too high, just so we can add some cold water to increase the shower pressure...

The odd thing is that the hot water pressure in our downstairs kitchen and 1/2 bath is fine. The cold water is also fine in all areas...It is only a problem in our upstairs shower and sink.

Help please...we now dread the shower because there is either no pressure or we have to get a cold shower...not great in the Northeast right now.

Re: Low to No hot water in upstairs bath :(

I am not an expert on plumbing but think I know what your problem might be. My grandmother had a house about the age of your house and while it wasn't quite as large as your house sounds like it is it had a similiar problem. In my grandmothers bathroom the water pressure got so bad that she had to call in a plumber to see what was wrong with her pipes. It turns out that she had steel pipes going through her house and over the years the steel started to corrode.
It cost my grandmother a great deal of money to have all of the pipes changed over to copper but once she did everything was fine from then on and she had more than sufficient water pressure.
I would go into your basement if I was you and see if you have a copper supply line. If you do then maybe the entire house was changed over to copper or maybe not. If not then you might possibly have electrolisis where two disimiliar metals meet which is speeding up corrosion of your pipes. To check for certain as to whether the plumbing was changed in the bathroom open a panel up behind the tub and take a look there. If you still are not sure either because of the age of the pipe or paint on it use a knife and slightly scrape the pipe til you can get a better look at it.
Depending on what you find it could be fairly expensive or not too expensive to get your problem solved. There is one other thing to think about too and that is there may be some foreign objects in the pipe. By that I mean pieces of Teflon tape from a plumbing job that was done in the house. Perhaps a shower head was replaced and instead of the tape being entirely on the threads some went into the pipes. I saw a segment about just that thing on Ask This Old House. I hope I was helpful to you and I know how frustrating plumbing can be at times. Good luck to you!:)

Re: Low to No hot water in upstairs bath :(

Since there's no hot water to two fixtures, it could mean a blockage at or before the tee that brances to supply those two fixtures.

Finding this will take some pretty extensive and possibly invasive searching. A plumber would start by disassembling the hot pipe connections at each fixture (with the water off), connecting a hose to the opened line, turning the water back on to see if there's good flow there. He would start working his way back to gradually eliminate possible places of blockage--a real pain.

You could also shut off the water and disconnect one of the troublesome fixtures and connect an air hose/compressor to it while also having the line disconnected near the main shutoff. A blast of air may dislodge offending debris. Or not.

Try the simple things first.

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