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low pressure only in the kitchen

Thanks in advance,
I have very low water pressure only in the kitchen and it is the first faucet on line the rest of the house is good.
its been this way for years . I have replaced the faucet 3 times but it doesn`t get better. I have a two handle faucet now but I had tried two one handle faucet and the rinse hose woudn`t work.it works with the 2 handled faucet ,
it takes about 1 1/2 minutes to fill a 2 liter bottle even if I have the hot and cold both wide open . I have a well with water pressure switch set at 30 on 50 off. any ideas?

A. Spruce
Re: low pressure only in the kitchen

My guess is that there is debris blocking the line at the anglestop or where the kitchen lines "T" off the main lines. Try removing the aerator from the faucet spout and then closing the anglestop (not tight, just a few turns ) a time or two while running the water. While the aerator is off, disassemble it and clean out any debris that may be lodged in it.

I've heard of "backflushing" the plumbing, but have no idea how that is done or what it entails.

Re: low pressure only in the kitchen

Ok all you got to do is hook your stop under the sink to a biccycle pump.

shut off water to entire home

open out door hose bibe


good luck

if you want a real gool faucet check out

Gray Watson
Re: low pressure only in the kitchen

Remove the supply lines from the stops, get a bucket and see if you have flow, if you don't you need to replace the stop valves if they no longer fully open.

Re: low pressure only in the kitchen

Well it seems as if I am not the only one with low pressure in the kitchen sink. I decided that before my hot water tank floods my home I better replace it. I let the tank fill up then I turned on the hot side to let the air out. Seems that took sometime to complete. Anyway I noticed that the pressure didn't seems any better, so I checked my valves and replaced them. The hot side was ok, but the cold side seal was not, so I figure there was my problem. (WRONG) My faucet is a tall curved about 9 inches in height. I had more pressure with my old tank. Maybe I need to look at another faucet???????

Re: low pressure only in the kitchen

Turn the water supply off. Take the cold stops. Put adapters for whatever size your distrbution piping is at the stop to adapt to a hose thread and run a hose out side. turn on the waterf and check the volume. If okay then check the supply riser and see if its clear. Test and repeat moving back to the water source till you find the obstruction or clear it. You may even get to do some diggin. YAY plummin.:cool:

Re: low pressure only in the kitchen

Well I finally fixed the problem with the kitchen faucet...I spent 12.00 at Walmart and got me a new faucet...Have no idea why a 129.00 faucet won't work....Now I got so much pressure I have to back it down.:rolleyes::)

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