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low pressure

We recently replaced the shower block, new handles, showerhead in our master bath. we recently moved into this home, went to remove the shower head to clean it and it completely ripped off of the pipe. so we really dont know how much water pressure there was in the shower prior to us installing new fixtures. it just doesnt seem quite right to me. there is way more pressure in the sink than in the shower. could we have put the handles on wrong and the flow is restricted?

Re: low pressure

I could be way off, but I think restricted flow would produce a higher velocity (pressure). Maybe you increased the available flow area, producing a lower velocity.

Re: low pressure

I have a question, "went to remove the shower head to clean it and it completely ripped off of the pipe." That is some incredible pressure.

As far as the pressure for the sink and the shower. It should be nearly equal. granted one of the fixtures might be farther away from the supply or have more bends in the flow, but they should both being supplied by a 1/2" water line. Yes, 3/4" would be better for a high flow or a surround shower, but, then the shower vavle would call for that. Take the handle back off and download the direction from the manufacturers web site. If you have too go and buy a whole new kit just to compare to see what you might have done wrong. Is the shower mixing valve upside down? Good luck. Process of elimination.

Re: low pressure

We removed the shower head to clean all the scale off to improve the flow of the water. the brass fixtures were completely rusted onto the pipes and made it impossible to seperate. this house was built in 1952. I do believe that the shower is an addition to the previous house plans although the previous owners who lived here for 7 years did not seem to do any maintenance. it has been one thing after another. I know that there is not something right with the shower, but I seem to have insulted my husbands manly ability. and being that I did not do the work myself, just looking for advice.

Re: low pressure

You can't easily measure the pressure, but its quite easy to check the flow rate. Almost all new shower fixtures put out 2.5 gpm, so just get a 5 gallon bucket, and stick it under the shower head for a minute and check to see that it fills halfway up.

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