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Low flow throughout house/HWH pressure?

Just a little bit ago, I noticed first our toilet did not refill after being flushed. I turned on the faucet in the same bathroom, and noticed the flow was lower than usual, on both hot and cold.

I tried the kitchen faucet, and got the same thing. My wife ran a bath, and the water was not coming out of the faucet very well there either. Once she shut the water off, we could hear what sounded like water running into something. As I walked around in the basement, it almost sounded like the water in the tub was being drained.

Come to find out, the noise was coming from the hot water heater tank. It sounded like it was filling up. I then started up my shower in the basement (maybe 7'-10' away from the tank) and had very little water flow there as well. The water was hot, but just not coming out very strong.

There is a pressure gauge on the tank, and it was reading around 40 psi and slowly climbing. I checked on it again about 15 minutes later, and it was up around 60. Then when I just now checked again,about 15 minutes past the last check, it was down around about 30 psi. The noise had stopped sometime during my shower.

Since it was well past 11 PM when I found all of this out, checking with neighbors is out of the question.

So what could be going on? Any ideas? Suggestions? I am hoping to be back up to full pressure tomorrow morning, but wanted to get this out there in case it is not. That way I at least have a jump on researching the issue in the morning.

Thank you in advance.

Re: Low flow throughout house/HWH pressure?

Main valve may not be fully open or it could also be a bad pressure reducing valve.

Re: Low flow throughout house/HWH pressure?

Well now we have no water. Checking with others to see if they have water.

EDIT: Water main break. No one has water.

Re: Low flow throughout house/HWH pressure?

Well at least you don't have to fix it, so consider this a success!


Re: Low flow throughout house/HWH pressure?

When the water comes back on do this in this order ;

1- Turn on ALL the outside water valves one at a time until the water runs clear (this will clear the dirt out of your pipes between the city and your house)
2- Turn on the tub full blast hot and cold (NOT the shower) until the water runs clear
3- Go to each sink, one at a time. First remove the screen at the end of the faucet. THEN turn on the water hot and cold until it runs clear. Clean out filter and replace

Hopefully by then you will have flushed out all the debris in the lines. If you want to do more you can;
4- Disconnect the toilet fill hoses and flush the lines into a bucket. Toilets often have a thin, dirt sensitive fill mechanism on them)
5- Disconnect the washer fill hose and flush (also clean the little screen where the hose attaches to the washer)
6- Replace the ice maker filter
7- Remove the dish washer hose and flush

If this type of thing happens often, or there is a lot of new construction in your area, get a whole house filter to screen out the larger wee beasties and dirt. I change my dirt filter every 6 months.

Re: Low flow throughout house/HWH pressure?

It's amazing how your water provider keeps secrets, like not letting homeowners know that they will shut the water to the entire neighborhood. Add this one to their biggest secret: how they fleece revenues.

When service is restored, follow Houston's suggestions and you won't have too many issues with dirt in your faucets.

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