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low flow from shower

I have a shower/tub and I'm getting a low flow from the shower head. When I turn on the shower I'm still getting a large flow out of the spicket itself. I replaced the shower head but it did'nt help. This is the three handle type with the diverter in the middle. The water pressure is great for filling the tub but when I turn the diverter for the shower it barely comes out for the shower

A. Spruce
Re: low flow from shower

With an actual valve such as you describe, you should have little to no water exiting the tub spout when the shower is engaged. Sounds like it's time to replace the seat washer on the diverter valve stem.

Remove the handle and escutcheon, you should see the stem with a nut around it's base. Use a box end wrench to remove this nut, DO NOT attempt to use pliers of any kind or a crescent wrench, you'll likely distort or crush the stem nut if you do. With the valve stem removed, there should be a washer on the tip held in place by a screw. remove the screw and take the washer with you to the hardware store to match up to a replacement.

It may be possible that the diverter is a cartridge style valve, if that is the case, then you'll need the faucet brand name to be able to find a suitable replacement or rebuild kit.

Re: low flow from shower

Just checked it over, pipe is clear, no ball/stopcock in line and the head is clear too. I have just tried it again too and the power shower setting seems to be working again.Do you know if the mains pressure could fluctuate enough to give low flow. My GF says she has trouble with it in the morning but its lunchtime now and its fine.Could everyone else showering in the morning cause a significant drop in mains pressure to cause this problem?

A. Spruce
Re: low flow from shower

Municipal water systems suffer significant pressure fluctuations depending on the time of day/usage. The more people using water, the less pressure in the system.

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