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Re: Low and no VOC paints

Previous two posters' are correct...

While never "wrong", priming is sometimes unnecessary.
If doing a similiar color, AND existing film is CLEANED, & in sound condition, just go to the new paint.

Notice I said "cleaned"....
* Washing walls with Dirtex POWDER-MIX ensures a good dirt-free bond for paint OR primer.
* Usually, you don't need to rinse after Dirtex.
* It's surprising how little dirt/grime on walls can affect even high-end products!
* Would ya paint a CAR without having it spotless?!??! Same principle here!

When you need to prime...
* If you absolutely HAVE to paint over paper, use an Alkyd primer.
* If existing paint is 5yo or more.
* If existing paint is a "Contractor-grade", and/or an Interior Flat sheen.
* IF " " is a very bright/deep color.
* If you've got a lot of repaired areas.
* If wallpaper has been stripped.
* If existing film is glossy. In this case lightly scuff-sand the wall, remove dusts, and prime.

Many times, people won't do the necessary prep...and then blame the PAINT when something goes wrong...:mad:!!
(ASK Me how I know this...;)!!!)

My own little saying here...
"Priming solves many problems, but creates NONE".:)


J Roper
Re: Low and no VOC paints

EPA's website should have recommended levels to look for in low VOC's in interior paints. Also check out Rhino Shield for inside and outside. It was approved for a contractor to use on a resort on Disney property. You might have to contact a dealer close to you to get info on the interior product but it passes Califoria codes.

J Roper
Re: Low and no VOC paints

Check EPA's website and they should have the ratings to look for conserning the VOCs in paint. Paint makers will have them posted on the product data sheets. You might have to ask for the sheets at the sales counter.

Re: Low and no VOC paints

I work for Devine Color paint and we have a great 99.9 percent VOC-free paint that performs really well. It's about forty bucks a gallon but usually goes on in one coat.

Re: Low and no VOC paints

This may be a bit late in the conversation, but I have used the Sherman Williams Harmony paint and I love it. Very little smell and covers nicely. It's about $40/gallon.


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