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Loud "groaning" from the pipes!

This has been going of for about a year, on and off. No, it's not "water hammer". This is a loud, "groaning" sound that shakes the room. The sound can lasts from 2 to 3 seconds.

Sometimes it comes from the garage, where the water heater is. I'm in the garage sometimes when it happens. It's v-e-r-y loud, yet sometimes it's a quiet groan.

When we turn on a tap---it stops. The noise comes from the opposite side of the house sometimes. It happens at night when we are trying to sleep and it happens at all hours day and night

Our water bill has gone up almost 100% since this has occurred. Can there be a leak under the slab or somewhere?

It's driving us crazy, I don't know what to think or what to do:eek:

Can anyone please help us?

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond!

Norm and Loretta...San Diego [we're retired...have mercy!]

Re: Loud "groaning" from the pipes!

The noise stops when you turn on the hot ? cold ? either ?

Have you flushed your HWH recently ?

Re: Loud "groaning" from the pipes!


It's a brand new water heater...less than two months old and we have opened the tap both ways, hot and cold, and the groaning stopped. Since I posted earlier this morning, I've made the discovery that we may have a leak in the driveway or in the slab:(

Just on a lark, I took the top off the valve box and noticed, almost imperceptively, the meter was moving!

I checked the meter right after I posted the comment about a leak...and there it was.

Could the two be related---the groaning pipe and the slow leak? I see no visible evidence of a warm or hot area near, around, inside or outside the garage of the HWH.

Many thanks!

Re: Loud "groaning" from the pipes!

Usually an intermittent groaning or a foghorn noise ends up being a toilet valve problem. But at double the water consumption I don't think that would be it.
The groaning could be a vibration set off by a leak. Opening the water tap would relieve the pressure and stop the noise. It sounds like a leak somewhere.
At double the water usage, it seems like it should be visible by now.

Re: Loud "groaning" from the pipes!

Communal water pressure is often highest at night when everyone is alseep and not using water.

Get the broken pipe fixed -flush all your pipes - then see if the problem persists.

Re: Loud "groaning" from the pipes!

I agree, you can't speculate until you fix the broken pipe first.

Do it asap, to mitigate damaged around the leak.

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