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LOUD bangs in roof

Well, hopefully someone will be able to assist me with this problem, it's really starting to freak me out.:confused:

I live in a 3 story apartment building (On the top floor) in British Columbia, Canada. This building is really old and the heating systems are still run by hot water only. Every winter when it gets really cold (I'd say below -4c) we get horribly loud bangs in the roof. They are always in different spots and sometimes they're quiet, and sometimes they are incredibly loud. It's been so loud it's shaken my living room and it sounded like a 100lb rock hit the roof. Sometimes it'll happen repeatedly every couple of minutes, other times it's spaced out. We had our landlord check the roof for any sort of animals that could be causing the noise with no such luck. A friend explained it could possibly be the boards in the roof, shifting. Apparently when it's cold, they can restrict and almost make this noise? I find it really hard to believe just because of how loud it can be. Myself and my boyfriend are a young couple who really aren't bothered by a lot of things, but this is really freaking me out. I don't think anyone else would be able to live here and tolerate that banging to be honest. If someone could PLEASE give me some sort of idea as to what this could be, I would love you for the rest of my life haha. Thank you so much in advance.

Much love,


P.S It's currently only about -6c outside but the banging is horribly loud right now.

P.S.S I think our landlord thinks we're crazy because we seem to be the only apartment on the third floor that has complained. When I asked my neighbors, ONE of them had said they've heard it occasionally but nearly as loud as mine.

Re: LOUD bangs in roof

Aw.. No ones got any ideas? :confused:

Re: LOUD bangs in roof

I think the constricting wood is your best bet on solving the noise "mystery" Wood can crack, or even shift on the nail and make huge noises.

After a recent ice storm where we could hear every limb in the neighborhood give and come crashing down. It was loud!!!!

If the landlord isn't worried about the structural integrity of the roof then I guess you shouldn't get too freaked out over it.

Living in a blasting zone is stressful though.

Re: LOUD bangs in roof


Can you describe the structure and the roofing materials? MIght help with notions concerning the cause.

IOW, is the roof pitched or flat?

Metal roofing, asphalt shingles, built-up tar roof..........or ???

If flat, are there any air conditioning units or similar mounted up there? If so, does one or more of these units sit directly over your section of the roof?

TV antennas or the like? (If this was the cause then you'd most likely hear it only whent he wind was blowing.)

Are there metal gutters around the edge of the roof? If so, does the noise occur during periods when there's ice build-up in those gutters?

Do you know that.......or is there any visual evidence that the roofing over your apartment was repaired or replaced......and the roofing over the other third floor apts weren't?

Re: LOUD bangs in roof

One more thing to look at. Do you have a radiator boiler system in the unit. You may have air in the boiler. In an apt complex your landlord can take care of that for you. Hope it helps.

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