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Lost Outlet Power

During remodel of bedroom, replaced 2-switch combo device(single box) that controlled fan & light with 2 indiv. paddle type switches.(2-gang box), now don't have power to 3 out of 7 wall outlets. The 2-switch combo and now the 2 indiv. switches have 3 feeds of Romex coming into box. Am doing something wrong but can't figure it out. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Re: Lost Outlet Power

What kind of device did you use to test it?

I would start by using a digital (or analog) multimeter. Test between the ungrouded leg (hot) and grounded (nuetral) then between ungrounded (hot) and EG (ground) then between ground (nuetral) and and EG (ground) looking at your wall outlet the ungounded leg (hot) will be the slightly smaller vertical leg on the tight assuming the outlet was installed with the equipment grounding pin down.

Considering you said you replaced a switch that had 3 sets of conductors in it, and assuming you installed the switch the same way the old one was its possable that when you test like this you may find 120 volts between ungrounded (nuetral)conductor and EG (ground). That would likely suggest an open circuit on the ground (nuetral) side. You would confirm this With 120 volts between ungrounded (hot) and eg (ground), tho 120 v not existing at the latter wouldn't preclude an open ungrounded conductor (nuetral).

Start there let us know your results.

Re: Lost Outlet Power

here I go again with the double post.

I assumed again that you checked the breaker, and had both switches closed.

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