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Loss of Artisian Well presure

I have an artisian well that is 138 feet deep. The pump is in the ground. I have apressure(baldder style) tank inside where the well connects to the hous plumbing.

The pump will run, build pressure and shut off at 62 lbs of pressure. It will begin to loose presure 5-7 lbs in within 20 second. Then the pressure loss slows and after about 15 -25 minutes, the well kicks back on at 32 lbs of pressure. This happens if I turn off the main valve to the house (no water coonssumption possible), I have no leaks inside or outside, toilets are not running.

How would I dianose the loss of pressure. The well, the pump and pressure tank are about 2 years old. This is a new home, well had very little use during the first year.

Re: Loss of Artisian Well presure

It sounds like you have a leak between the house and the well. First open the well casing and see if you can see or hear a leak. Many times it's a galvanized nipple near the pit-less adapter. Next check along the line running to the house for water bubbling up or a wet spot, that usually indicates a leak in the line.

Re: Loss of Artisian Well presure

You're not set up to receive messages so I'll answer you here. The pit-less adapter is a 2 piece unit that you line is hook to and goes through the well casing. The other half has a slip joint the attaches to it, there is usually an elbow and a pipe nipple connect to it and then the line going down to the pump. I always use all brass connectors and nipples but many use galvanized. the galvanized nipples often wear out and leak. If you open the well cap, while the pump is running you will hear and see it leaking. It will require pulling the pump line up and replacing the defective part.

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