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Loose Fieldstone Foundation

House is 84 years old, built 1925. 1400 sf basement. Some old timber beams, some doubled lally columns, concrete/stone floor, fieldstone wall foundation.

Problem: I am noticing that the parge coating to the interior of the basement walls is chalking, flaking, falling, missing, or turning to dust in MANY locations throughout the basement. I found several loose stones, small sized (between baseball and candlepin bowling ball sized). In some areas the wall seems to bulge inward. Is there anything I can do that is affordable and relatively effective to protect the foundation? Or do I not even have anything to worry about?

THis is my first house and obviously I underestimated the amount of work I would need to do to bring it up to comfortable for living. Thus overspending on all the unknowns. So I am pretty strapped for cash.

Re: Loose Fieldstone Foundation

I am having the same problem. My house is approximately 175 years old on a cobble stone foundation. It appears that the foundation is solid as long as you don't touch it. The mortar between the stones has totally turned to sand. I am also trying to find a way to stabilize it. I attempted facing it with cement but it does not stick. Hopefully someone will come up with a solution to this problem.

Re: Loose Fieldstone Foundation

There are a couple ways to fix the problem. You can form the inside of the wall and pour concrete and tie it into the old wall. On the outside you can do the same, unless the outside is under ground. You would then have to trench next to the wall and then pour concrete using the ground as a form. If you do this do the inside first so you don't push the wall over when trenching. Ideally both sides of the wall are above ground and you can form both sides and tie it all together. The other way is to pin up the floor and lay a 12" concrete block foundation, and seal the outside. Get a good general contractor and at least 3 bids. I would vote to lay the block it will be a lot cheaper. Good Luck.

Calcats ;)

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