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Loop Switch

I currently have a switch loop I am attempting to wire. I am pulling power from an exisitng switch, through two recessed lights, to a one way switch at the end. I cannot seem to figure it out.

I have 12/2 from the switch, to the first can, then 12/3 from the first can to the second can, then 12/2 to the switch. This set up is not for a three-way switch, simple one switch at the end.

Thanks for the help.


Re: Loop Switch

Hot and neutral from first switch to fixture. Tie the two whites together along with the white to the fixture. Tie the two blacks together. Tie the red to the black fixture lead. Tie all the grounds together.

At the second light Tie all the grounds together, Tie the white from the three wire to the fixture white. Tie the red, black from the two wire and black fixture lead together. Reidentify the white from the two wire with a color. (Marker will work) Tie the reidentified white to the black in the three wire.

Reidentify the white at the second switch and install the switch.

Re: Loop Switch

Great, thanks.

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