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looking to replace heating baseboards

where do i purchase new heating baseboards to replace my old ones...and are there ones out there that look like molding? I watched the program on how to replace them and i think i can do that but i just need to know where to purchase them

Re: looking to replace heating baseboards


I assume you're referring to hot water baseboard, as opposed to steam baseboard.

Consult the Yellow Pages under "Heating Supplies"---the heating/plumbing supply houses in your area will have a wide selection; HD/Lowe's will carry only one brand---many of them will sell to a homeowner, some will only sell to contractors.

Why do you want to change the baseboards???

There is usually NO REASON to change the "guts" of the baseboard, which is the copper-finned heating elements---only the outside covers need be changed to make it look like a brand new installation & spice up the room.

This will save you a lot of work of closing down & draining the boiler/soldering, etc.

The BASEBOARD COVERS (including the backing plate) are designed as segmented pieces for just this eventuality, so they can be easily removed & the new ones snapped into place.

The backing plate is attached by several screws to the wall but everything comes out easily---occasionally, the risers (supply/return piping) is installed right thru one of the side segments; in such a case the thin steel can be easily cut with a tin snips or a jig saw fitted with a steel blade.

Make sure you measure the height & depth of the old BB covers to make sure the new ones will fit--they come in different styles & sizes.

You can either REPAINT everything to save $$$ or go out & buy just the covers---these are known in the trade as DUMMY BASEBOARD, or BASEBOARD ENCLOSURES.

You can Google that phrase to get some online prices so you're prepared if you try to buy them locally---also Google "baseboard covers".

Eight feet of enclosures will cost ~$16--the fancy ones will cost more.


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