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Looking for non-tile ideas for tub/shower

I have a 1938 home with black and white tile in the bathroom. Of course, the wall tile goes only about 5 feet up the wall in the tub, which now includes a shower. The previous owners put up mirrors to complete the proper height for the shower. It looks hideous! I don't want to "disturb" the existing tile as it is in great shape and is old. It has white square tiles with a black border. Does anyone have any ideas about adding something water-proof in place of those mirrors so that I don't have to disturb the tiles, but keeps the bath looking "period" or at least will be complementary to the tiles? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Re: Looking for non-tile ideas for tub/shower

One way is to remove the mirrors, finish the drywall behind them and paint with semi gloss paint (after you prime).

A more expensive option: use marble or other natural stone.

And another option: acrylic/plastic stick on.

My choice: the first option.

A. Spruce
Re: Looking for non-tile ideas for tub/shower

I'm with DJ, I'd pull the mirrors, repair the walls and paint. Yeah, the tile is a little low for a shower, but it's not too bad,99% of the water will be below the 5' level anyway, what you're going to get will be a little bit of splash, which won't hurt a painted surface, and it keeps you bath intact. Anything else you put up will detract from the tile.

Re: Looking for non-tile ideas for tub/shower

After you take down the mirrors and restore the walls, if you are concerned about too much water getting on the drywall, you can try an oval shower curtain rod. I do not know if this would fit the style of your bathroom.

Re: Looking for non-tile ideas for tub/shower

You can tile above with waterproofing but what would be the point as there is no waterproofing below. The old system you have depends upon the mass of ceement to wick away the water between showers.

A paint job with a good primer will be very 'of the period'

Re: Looking for non-tile ideas for tub/shower

I'd paint (properly prepped and primed first) with an alkyd oil base gloss or semi-gloss. This sheds water better than latex and wipes clean easily. Be sure to caulk well at the top of the tiles.


Re: Looking for non-tile ideas for tub/shower

Personally I'm a fan of wall paper. You can get heavy plastic coated type or Heavy textured paper that can be painted.


Re: Looking for non-tile ideas for tub/shower

You can go with a tub surround, I installed high end one at my cottage and is has held up well well, Job now 3 years old.

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