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looking for a good router

Okay now I'm looking for any recommendations for a good hand held router. Anyone out there that has experience making picture frames???....Any recommendations for a table router would also be appreciated

Thank you TOH community

A. Spruce
Re: looking for a good router

I would recommend a 1 or 1-1/2 hp unit with both a standard base and a D-handle base. For freehand work the D-handle will give you more control and stability. When mounting in a router table, the standard base is easier to work with. Make sure you get both a 1/4" and 1/2" collet, it should come with both, but double check.

I've got a Porter Cable that's worked like a charm for the past 19 years and it can handle large bits. Next I've got a DeWalt plunge router. I don't use the DeWalt much because it's rather cumbersome and bulky, but it's got the grunt to do larger work as well. I would recommend both of these units, with the preference being the PC.

Not sure what you'll be routing on a picture frame, though it would seem that a good table would be in order. I've always made mine so I can't offer a suggestion for any commercial units. If you build your own, double the dimension of the router area, regardless of the plans you use. When I've used other peoples plans, the router area is too cramped to easily adjust the router, remove it, or change bits. Don't skimp on drawer space either. Many tiny drawers are useless while fewer larger drawers will hold extra tools, bits, and router trinkets.

Re: looking for a good router

yes I do want to make custom profiles out of 2x 1 lumber. I also need to route the inside of the frames so that a glass insert can fit. Thanks for the great advice as usual. By the way, the standard base can be mounted to a table and the plunge router can not?? Did I uderstand correctly? and is the milwuake kit include a table too??? Thanks Again

Re: looking for a good router

I just purchased the 2 1/4 hp Triton router. It has all the features I've seen on any of the other routers, comes with edge guide, circle cutter, dust collection, 1/4" and 1/2" collets and all the bushings you could need. It has won several awards and is priced around $200.00. It also comes with a very sturdy case to hold all of this. Good bang for the buck!!

Calcats ;)

A. Spruce
Re: looking for a good router
wchavez wrote:

By the way, the standard base can be mounted to a table and the plunge router can not?? Did I uderstand correctly?

You can mount a plunge router in a table if you've got enough room to do so - plunge routers are quite a bit larger and bulkier than standard base routers. The problem is adjusting the height. With a plunge router upright, you've got gravity and leverage to push it down into the work to the desired depth. When you're done, springs lift it back up out of the work. When you mount a plunge upside down, you loose your leverage and you're working against gravity and the lift springs. That means that setting the correct depth while upside down will be quite difficult, particularly if you want repeatable settings quickly and easily.

Re: looking for a good router

I have a 3hp Porter Cable in my router table with router lift and a 2½ hp Bosch EVS plunge router for hand work. But my next one would be a 2 1/4 hp Triton router. It is one of the best I have seen on the market. It is a plunge router but was designed for easy above table adjustments if installed in a table. Try to stay with ½" router bits as much as possible.

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