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Looking for Gas Fireplace Repair Recommendations

Hi gurus,

I have a brick, gas fireplace with a Real Fyre Gas Log setup.

Background: The gas line has "black pipe" coming straight up through fireplace floor in the middle back behind the log set. Off the black pipe is copper 90 degree converter that is connected to the 1/4"(?) stainless steel line that connects to the gas logs.

Problem(s): The fireplace was having pressure issues. When this happened once before, I noticed a powdery buildup in the end of the black pipe. When I went to check the black pipe, the whole top of the pipe had disintegrated and snapped off. Now, I have a 1/4" of black pipe sticking out of the brickwork that needs to be fixed/replaced. I'm going to hire professionals to fix this.

- I assume they will need to tear the fireplace apart to replace the black pipe. Locally, I seem to find masons or plumbers, but not teams of both. Any recommendation on who to contact and strategy for this type of repair. I assume I'll need a mason to take the brickwork apart and repair it later and a plumber to replace the black pipe.

- Why am I finding the powder clogging up the black pipe ?

- I was told that copper on black pipe is not good. I had a slight flashing leak and was told that this may have added the water necessary for "electrolysis" which deteriorated the black pipe. Is this a possibility ? The copper was added by the installer when I bought the new Real Fyre setup 2 years ago.

Thanks for your thoughts !


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