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looking for basic wiring diagrams

Does anyone know if there is a web site that has good wiring diagrams for beginners. Every where I looked the diagrams are to complex. I'm just trying to wire switches to a pull chain light. Thanks!

A. Spruce
Re: looking for basic wiring diagrams

I can't direct you to a website, but I can direct you towards an excellent wiring book. Go to Amazon.com and look for "Wiring Simplified". It is a technical manual, written in layman's terms, based on the latest electrical codes. Not only is the writing easily understood, there are ample diagrams and pictures to help you along as well.

The next best thing would be to post here what you're looking to accomplish and the many fine, experienced, tradesmen that populate this site will put in their advice.

Re: looking for basic wiring diagrams

Thanks A Spruce,

I'll try that!

Re: looking for basic wiring diagrams

A quick search led me here, try this link. There are examples for other scenarios also.


Hope this helps. Hit the breaker before starting!! :eek:

Timothy Miller
Re: looking for basic wiring diagrams

Howdy, consider a trip to your library wiring books are available.

Re: looking for basic wiring diagrams

If the wiring diagrams are too complex maybe the task at hand is out of your knowledge range..I'm an electrician and if I can't easily follow the diagrams at hand I try to visualize what I'm trying to accomplish with the circuitry.

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