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Long, hard drip from Hand held shower

I have a 2 year old house with a tub sized walk in shower. It has a single handled mixer valve that adjusts for temp but not for pressure (i.e. it's either on or off). The shower head is hand held.
After taking a shower, there will be periodic forceful long drips for about 10 seconds. After a few minutes, this will happen again. It will happen 4-5 times from the time showering ends and about 20 minutes. It does not drip constantly, just for the 20 minutes after showering.
I don't remember if it always did this but I have been noticing it for the past year. Is this normal? If not, what should I do about it.

Thanks for any advice.

Re: Long, hard drip from Hand held shower

Think of a soda straw, you put it in a drink and cover the end with you finger. You can then lift the straw out of the drink and the liquid inside the straw remains. You have the same situation with the handheld shower's hose. It holds water because the valve is shut like having you finger over the end of the straw. As air leaks in or is released by the water it breaks a little of the vacuum and water drips out.

Re: Long, hard drip from Hand held shower

Thanks for the reply. I had an inkling that it was letting air in slowly but needed reassurance.

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