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Re: Locked Out

Oh ... you have the sissy criminals.:D

Well that and they're just much fonder of summer weather. They're also scared of us country folk as they're mostly big city POS who've migrated out to the smaller cities around here over the last 10 years or so..... in an attempt to "expand their horizons". They assume we all have large caliber guns and such.......and look out for one another's property. Come to think of it.....they're right on all accounts. ;) Besides they can't run fast or get up from slippin' on the ice with those huge friggin' pants wrapped around their knees.....and they know it. Lunch-time for the doggie. :D

However, I do realize that there's a breed of brazen all-weather crook in various areas around the country. Probably pumped up on crank or such and don't even feel the cold. Then again, if all they have to do is walk from a heated car to a heated house and back.....guess it doesn't matter much. Have friends in some of those areas who've been robbed just like you were. Sorry to hear that. Sucks.

There has been a recent rash of break-ins in the closest city to here. They scope things out in the light of day and then enter the house while the inhabitants are home watching TV or similar. Quick grab and dash deals. Purses, jewelry and such for the most part. Reason being that these homes all have alarm systems and they won't challenge those. Too risky. Instead, they wait till the HOs are there and the system likely hasn't been set for the night yet. Cut a piece of glass and reach in to unlock the door or window. Will hit 6-8 houses in a row down the block, usually within 60 minutes or less.


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