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Living room old wood floor

first time home owner of a 1840 home in upstate western NY, all wood floors in living room need of TLC, lots of squeaky boards and a little sag all has to be resurfaced, also there no basement under this part of the house.
Discovered today when i pulled up a 2ft section of board to inspect a soft spot in floor that there is nothing under my floor!!! Only old Joice and ground.

What should i do? I now know why it is always old and damp in our large living room. HELP!!!

Re: Living room old wood floor

Although it is a very complex and involved project, you can have the old flooring carefully taken up, make any needed repairs or structural enhancements to the framing, add plastic sheeting, insulation and plywood subfloor, then re-install the old flooring. If having the floor end up 3/4" higher than original isn't a problem, you won't have to completely re-frame the floor system. And vice-versa.

Re: Living room old wood floor

Many older houses here had the flooring attached directly to the joists as you describe, but the climate here is much warmer which makes it less of a problem. I'd pull it all up carefully for re-use, fix any underlying problems, then add underlayment. I like Advantek for that purpose, it's an awesome product. You will end up with a higher floor by 3/4", but keep in mind that the rest of the house's floors were done like this one so in the long run you'll want to re-do them all similarly as time and money permit- and then they will all match. In the meantime a transition threshold (and possibly cutting the bottoms of all the doors in that area) will take care of things well.


Re: Living room old wood floor

I would do the same as suggested, except that when you pull out the existing floor you may find out that you can't use all the planks again and can't find matching replacement planks. If this happens, and you plan on staying in this house for many years, consider a new floor.

Re: Living room old wood floor

What they said.


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