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little shower hot water pressure

I have plenty of hot water pressure in all my sinks but with the shower the pressure has greatly diminished to a trickle. The home is about 70 years old and the shower has both hot and cold knobs to regulate the temperature. Luckily the home is a New Orleans raised home but I'm not sure what to be looking for. Advice is appreciated. Thanks

Re: little shower hot water pressure

What kind of hot/cold pipes do you have in your walls?
Copper or galvanized steel? cpvc or pex?

It sounds to me like somekind of obstruction in the line to your faucet or in your hot water valve.

Re: little shower hot water pressure

Start with the shower head itself----many water-saving shower heads have flow restrictors that can easily clog up---unscrew the shower head & run the water without the head to see if you get normal flow, then clean the shower head parts thoroughly if you do----be especially careful to note the sequence arrangement of the shower head parts when disassembling, it's easy to get these mixed up & reassemble them incorrectly.

Otherwise I agree with dj, you will have to check all the other components in the shower line from the HWH to the shower head; some lines have a tempering valve in the cellar near the hot water heater or the boiler that should be turned on & off several times to see if flow improves; usually a shut-off valve for the shower is located under the bathroom vanity or the adjacent kitchen cabinets; try shutting this off & opening the bleed valve holding a bucket near it to see if you get good flow.

In other words, try to isolate the offending component in the shower water supply chain that is causing the problem.

Re: little shower hot water pressure

The supply lines are galvanized steel. I'll start with your suggestions and keep you posted. Thanks for the advice.

A. Spruce
Re: little shower hot water pressure

My suspicion is that there is something plugging the water inlet to the valve, most likely rust deposits from old galvie pipes. Be forewarned, turning off valves along a rusty pipe will break these rust deposits free and clog other fixtures, though usually it's the aerators that clog, so before you run any water anywhere in the house after messing with a valve, remove the aerators and shower heads from the fixtures. Run the water until you're certain all deposits have cleared, then reinstall the aerators.

What you may have to do with the shower valve is disassemble the valve to clear the blockage. If you are not up to that task, I recommend hiring a plumber to clear your lines for you.

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