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Little Hot Water- Shower

In our downstairs shower, we only have hot water for about 30 seconds and then it gets cold. After the 30 seconds, it's what I would call "cool" but it gets colder very quickly until it feels like ice water. Then if we turn off the water and wait a little bit and turn it back on we get 30 seconds of hot water again. There doesn't seem to be any difference no matter where the gauge is at (it in one of those showers where you have one knob that goes in a circle from cold to hot). Everywhere else in the house has normal hot water, including the sink in the same bathroom. And there is no problem with the water pressure. The stem was replaced fairly recently but nothing changed. What else could it be? :confused:

Re: Little Hot Water- Shower

Considering this only occurs at this one fixture I would have to say the problem seems to be at the mixing part of the valve. Some types use a diaphram to control the amount of hot and cold water mixed. If you have a temperature compensating type of mixing valve it may need adjusting. There proceedures for adjustments that can be easily done that can be as simple as turning a screw adjustment.
Check for your make of faucet on the manufacturers website for these adjustment proceedures.
There could be also a pressure unbalance between the hot and cold for this bathroom , this might be a bit of a reach.

Re: Little Hot Water- Shower

Thanks! :)

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