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Liquid composting on TOH hour

Where can I find the 'formula' and 'how to' do the liquid composting shown on This Old House Hour? It showed a mixture that was suspended in a plastic barrel, (Molasses was one of the ingredients added to the water) then aerated for 24 -48 hours, liquid put it sprayer, water can to 'feed' plants - or sump pump and hose to do a lawn.

Re: Liquid composting on TOH hour

Does anyone know what all the ingredients were ? If so can you plesae let me know. Thanks

Re: Liquid composting on TOH hour

Compost in a 4 mic bag or burlap sack, hang in a 55 gal barrel of water. add a qt. natural molasses, qt. ground up fish and aerate for 24 hours.

Re: Liquid composting on TOH hour
Re: Liquid composting on TOH hour

This looks like a great thing to do. Does anyone have a size recommendation for the aeration pump? Lots of choices. I think the one on the show can be bought online. Just need the right size. Thanks.

Update: the link jasonjam has posted has a link on the right side of the page that is "How to build a Tea Brewer" with the spec of Air pump – recommended 9,000 cu.in/min.

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