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Limestone floor....what to do for warmth?

Our front addition has a limestone slab porch (original to house) The slabs are probably 3' x 5' and 4 plus inches thick. The room has two air vents for heating and cooling but the floor/room gets very cold in the winter. The walls and ceiling are standard 2 x 4 w/insulation and very large windows. The limestone slabs have deep grooves in them which makes it very hard to clean as well. The drop off to the floor is about 5". I would like to know if I should build a floor over it and insulate the floor?( but only working w/5 inches) Or should i fill the voids in the limestone and cover w/concrete adding some type of heat to it or on top of it? Do you have any suggestions? We would really like to maintain the stone look along w/maintaining a warmer temp. Thanks!

Re: Limestone floor....what to do for warmth?

The problem is from the concrete slab and limestone covering are a heat sink.
They transfer the heat in the room toward the cold ground. Even though you have heat vents in this area ( which are probably located up high to begin with ) the lower level of the room will always be cold.

A couple of suggestions ......

1 ) lay 3/4 rigid foam down -- frame out a floor structure using 2x4 's as joists -- fill the bays with batt insulation -- glue and screw 3/4 inch tongue & groove plywood -- and you will have a far warmer floor. However, if the heat vents are up too high you will still feel somewhat chilly because the warm air isnn't coming from floor level --- but -- it will be a lot better than what you have.

2 ) similar to above except you could add hot water radiant floor heat.
Electric radiant floor heat is available but it could be expensive to operate for such a large area. These electric floor systems are great for a smaller area like a bathroom.

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