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Light switch blowing out?

We had our kitchen redone 5 years ago. New recessed lights were installed with a new dimmer switch. Incandescent bulbs were used. Recently they stopped working. All the bulbs worked in another fixture and all the other power in the kitchen worked. I deduced it was the switch. So I replaced the switch with a new LED compatible dimmer switch (3 way/single pole option). I replaced the 6 incandescent bulbs with new LED dimmable bulbs. Everything worked fine....for less than a month. Tonight, again, none of the lights come on, yet all the power is on in the kitchen. I am assuming it is the switch again. Why is this happening? No new service has been added to the panel recently, there is nothing else on this circuit.
What is going on?

Re: Light switch blowing out?

There are many things that could be causing the issue. The lights are daisy chained on the same switched circuit. It could be the connections are loose at the first light in the chain. Where that is, no telling. Closest to the switch is the most intelligent guess. What troubleshooting have you done?

I would remove the bulbs, remove the switch, connect the two switch wires together and then use a VOM at each light to check the voltage for correct voltage. If you have an amp meter, and you can get to the wires, check that also. If you have 120 volts at each fixture. Then put the switch back in, turn it on and check all the fixture voltages again. If they are different from one another, you found the cause.

This takes troubleshooting to determine what the cause may be. There are no two homes wired the same. No one can tell you the exact steps to follow. There are some things in every house that is the same. The same 120 volts on a single phase, single pole circuit. 240 volts on a single phase, double pole circuit. Beyond that, nothing else is the same.


Handy Andy in Mt Airy NC

Re: Light switch blowing out?

Commonly what can happen is the wire clamps over tightened on the recessed box where the romex goes into the box, those rings have a little out dent to put pressure on the wire(s) to hold it from being pulled out of the box. That out dented area can dig into the wire if tightened too much and cause shorts. Either way you have a short in the circuit. Very dangerous. If you are not skilled in this area, just hire an electrician.

The other causes that are strange but can happen
Mouse eating the wire
Incorrect wiring in the circuit
light fixture could be bad
is this a 3 way light circuit?
wires bent more than allowed
Break in the wire somewhere
Are these IC rated enclosures? If not are they at least 3" away from any insulation?

Re: Light switch blowing out?

A short would have tripped the breaker. Sounds more like loose connection, or 3-way wired wrong. Be sure to check the neutral connections also.
If i
t is a 3 way try switch one with switch 2 in both positions, then try switch 2 with switch 1 in both positions.


Re: Light switch blowing out?


Re: Light switch blowing out?

I think the switches wired incorrectly.

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