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Light Fixture for 1820 house

I am new here. I have a question regarding a light fixture for a house that was built in 1820. We are trying to change a ceiling fixture with a chandallier fixture. Everything is on a pull chain nothing is on wall switches. I removed old fixture and no wires were marked, to complicate matters more the the 4 wires in the box are all black. The old fixture had all black wires and a pull chain @ the bulb. I installed a pull switch and wired it as such. The one for the load was on the black wire of the light and the other wire from the pull to the white wire on the light. When i hooked it to the exsisting wiring in the box and hit the breaker it popped. So I reversed the wires and it light and the breaker stayed. I pulled the pull swith it popped and thats all she wrote. I removed the pull switch and just left the light wires connected to the exsisting ones in the box. Now the light stays on so I unscrewd the light bulbs enough to turn them out. How or what do I need to fix this.

Thank you to all who read my post.


Re: Light Fixture for 1820 house

It is obvious you need an electrician and he will have a test light to determine what is hot and to where it goes. Trial and error is a tough method to use for wiring and is dangerous.

Calcats ;)

Re: Light Fixture for 1820 house

It sounds like you have 2 hot wires and 2 neutral wires. You wired the switch across the hot and neutral causing a direct short which popped the breaker. First you need to determine which is the hot and which is the neutral. The switch should be wired so one side is to the hot leads and the other side of the switch is to the black wire on the light. Only the switch lead should be connected to the lights black wire. If you can't determine which of the wires are hot you need to get an electrician.

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