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Lighing placement and wiring Questions

I am looking at removing 4 outlets in the ceiling of my basement that run lights with extension cords and putting can light in there place. Need to know if in a 23'X 12'X 6' tall room if 8 cans would be enough to light this area or do I need more? Also would like to know if the wiring map I attached is ok or if I should change the size and/or how I run the wires? Any help would be great.

Re: Lighing placement and wiring Questions

Your wire map looks OK but you could go with 14 ga wire. As far as if this is enough light it will depend on the fixture you use especially with only 6' of head room.

Re: Lighing placement and wiring Questions

6 foot tall?? id be banging my head on every stud!!!

Re: Lighing placement and wiring Questions

Making a lighting plan is fairly easy. The first thing you want to do is find out how wide of a "light spot" the cans will cast 6 feet away (the height of your ceiling). You'll want to overlap the spots by 50% for even lighting. For example, if it casts a 10' diameter light spot, you should place the cans 5' apart. Consider how much of the wall you want washed in light to decide how close to the wall the cans should be.

That will ensure even lighting levels, avoiding dark spots within the central area of the room. Different light bulbs have different spread angles (from spot to flood), and the design of the can can affect it too.

To get a picture of what the lighting will be like, on your floor plan draw in the fixtures, then draw in the circles that the lamps will cast. Anywhere the circles do not overlap will be a dark spot.

Re: Lighing placement and wiring Questions

Wait! First question is how do you intend to use the basement? Can lighting casts circles on the floor or wall directly under the fixture (and only 6 ft height will be smaller circles), will this be adequate for game playing, pool table, or dyi projects? Might be OK for a tv lounge or gallery of some sort.

I am with JL if you go with the cans, 14 gauge.

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