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lifting drywall tape

I am a painter/wallpaper contractor. A friends house had an addition done 15 years ago. Most of the tape in her master bedroom, 65 ft. worth, is lifting. While drywall is not my specialty, I have some experience. My first thought is to cut out the old tape and redo entire job.

I felt I might be making more of it than necesary. Would adding joint compound under existing tape, and then skim coat afterwards be an easier solution, or a ticket to further frustration?

Re: lifting drywall tape

If it were me...

I'd cut/tear out all the tape where it's not bonded with d/w mud under it. The rest of it should be OK if it's still bonded to the wall. For patching the "holes" you can use some of that mesh tape that they sell these days, rather than more of the paper tape. Just patch the places where you tore out the old, loose tape.

It will require less mud to cover the mesh tape and will stay flatter when finishing it. You'll probably still need three coats of mud to finish it right, though.

Good Luck.

Re: lifting drywall tape

Thanks for the reply. That's is how i went. I was hoping for an easy way out, but i knew better.

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