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Re: licensed plumber to change a toilet in massachusetts

you're totally true haha but take it easy

Re: licensed plumber to change a toilet in massachusetts

Spruce, I wish it were that easy here. A couple small towns here will arrest anyone working without their town's business license on the spot, but most will "allow" you to cease all work and go get one immediately if you're nice and pay their additional charge for the immediate processing. Which can amount to as much as $250, payable in cash or certified check only at their office. On a small job that was 100% of your profit. They won't issue that license without verification of liability insurance meeting their requirements which can be anything they want; one town sets that at a minimum of $1million, even if you're just cutting someone's grass. Build a house and that goes to $2.5 mil, double that for commercial work. In most of these small towns only a General contractor and the electrician needs a county or state license. And their inspectors (and cops) have attitudes because they had to settle for peanuts because the larger cities and the County who pay decently wouldn't hire them. Sciolists all, and none will pass you the first time around even when your work is perfect- they will find some vague wording to pull out of their butts and make you do what they want to remedy that. I'd mention names but they are sue-happy towns and with so many people being related here doing that would cause me problems elsewhere even though I don't work in those towns. It's just money grubbing, that's all :mad:

The result of these kinds of attitudes are towns that are dying slowly because nobody builds there, nobody wants to pay their extravagant taxes, and whatever industries they had that once supported them are moving away as fast as they can. It hurts everyone, not helps them. All I can do is avoid working in those towns and I do. The larger towns and the Counties are a lot more reasonable, but I still question why these functions wouldn't be better served by the counties alone, or possible the State. These towns have no reason to be more restrictive with building codes than their counties, which all but one are pretty up-to-date with their codes nowadays.

Ya gotta love it or you'd be doing something else :cool:


A. Spruce
Re: licensed plumber to change a toilet in massachusetts
Mastercarpentry wrote:

Ya gotta love it or you'd be doing something else :cool:


Which is why I now do something else! LOL :cool:

It isn't anywhere near that bad around here, not yet anyway, but there is certainly plenty of bulls**t to go around. I, personally, would like to see city/county permits done away with, and opt for a uniform permitting system where you go to ONE building department in YOUR town to get your permits and plans approved. I live on the edge of three different counties, my local county/city offices are right here locally and convenient. If I step foot into the neighboring county, which is simply a 1 mile drive from the house, I now have to drive an hour or more away to the county seat to get the permit. I don't care who you are, ain't nobody got time for dat! :p

Like you, we have a neighboring town that thinks it's special, so it's got it's own permits and inspectors and code requirements. A case bunch of anal-hyphen-retentives who think they need their noses in everyone else's business.


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