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Lexington Project

With the bump out of the kitchen how did you handle relocating an entry to the basement? Maybe I missed an episode segment?

A. Spruce
Re: Lexington Project

Unfortunately, no one associated with the show participates on these forums, we're just a bunch of average Joe contractors and DIY'rs helping those in need. Maybe one of the other participants has been following this project and can weigh in.

Re: Lexington Project

Well, how are we supposed to get questions about the current project answered if not in this forum?

For instance, I want to know why they are back to using plywood and Tyvek when I thought the new convention for TOH was ZIP System?

I find this very confusing.


Re: Lexington Project

Personally I'd like to know how idiots get onto these conservation boards and why there isn't a citizens revolt against them for some of their stupid rules. I was going along with their demands up to the point of having to put in a dry well for the rain runoff from the roof.

Where do they think that water would go if the house wasn't there? Its just water. That was a completely unnecessary expense.

I do understand when these containment systems are required on industrial buildings as there are often exhausts from various machines and furnaces in the factories that have contaminates that build up on the roof and then get washed off during rain events. But this is a private residence.

I also noticed they only did this for the front gutters, what about the rear gutters? What if the homeowner decided to not have gutters at all? What would the board do then?

Re: Lexington Project

Welcome to so-ci-alist Massachusetts.
It's happening everywhere with storm water management and reforestation regulations.
Not to rag on Mass., but maryland had a rain tax foisted on us. It's soon to be repealed hopefully.

Re: Lexington Project

I'm just curious, but is this project over? A new episode didn't come on today & the website has the last episode listed as Conservation Concerns; which aired almost 2 weeks ago. When I look at the settings on my TV guide it doesn't have anymore new listings listed.

Re: Lexington Project

I watch it here on the TOH website. Usually there is a new one posted on Sunday evenings - so check tomorrow night. Sometimes there is a break, but this project is not over. At the end of the last show they previewed what would be coming up next time on the Lexington project.

Re: Lexington Project

It was not on this Saturday morning here either, but our local PBS station is having another one of its many many beg-a-thons which interrupt normal programming. I have not checked but many times when they do this, they put the show on around Oh dark thirty in the morning so everyone misses it, and you don't get a second chance until the season repeats in the summer.

Edit: I just checked on Titan TV, they ran it at 4AM instead of 9 AM. And now they ask me for another contribution.

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